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15 Jul 2021
Getting Started with CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam
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Microsoft Outlook Tutorial (2019/365): 3+ Hour Getting Started in Microsoft Outlook 2019 Class!

In Microsoft / 365

In this Microsoft Outlook tutorial, we look at getting started using Microsoft Outlook 2019. This comprehensive Outlook course for beginners covers a lot in 3+ hours of video. We start by helping you get set up using Outlook including how to add an email account.

After that we look at personalizing your inbox to suit your needs, sending and receiving mail, searching mail, creating and using folders, deleting, archiving and so much more!

This MS Outlook tutorial for beginners is suitable for Microsoft Outlook 2019 or Outlook 365 users. If you are brand new to MS Outlook, start here and let Simon Sez IT expertly guide you through this tool.

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Tutorial Markers:

0:00:00 - An Overview of Outlook 2019
0:03:38 - Outlook 2019 vs Outlook Online in Office 365
0:08:50 - What to Expect from this Course
0:13:08 - Getting Help with Outlook 2019
0:19:00 - Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook
0:24:20 - Navigating the Outlook Interface
0:37:45 - The Ribbons and the Quick Access Toolbar
0:46:32 - Adding an Email Account in Outlook
0:53:00 - Practice Exercise 01
0:54:34 - Sending and Receiving Mail in Outlook
1:08:52 - Focused Inbox in Outlook
1:13:01 - Customizing the Inbox in Outlook
1:29:49 - Saving Attachments in Outlook
1:34:30 - Customizing Mail Views in Outlook
1:45:51 - Practice Exercise 02
1:47:27 - Searching Mail in Outlook
2:00:15 - Creating Search Folders in Outlook
2:08:31 - Practice Exercise 03
2:09:57 - Ignoring Conversations in Outlook
2:14:08 - Deleting, Archiving and Restoring Mail in Outlook
2:23:19 - Cleaning Up Conversations in Outlook
2:27:55 - Using Follow Up Flags and Categories in Outlook
2:40:12 - Organizing Mail with Folders and Subfolders in Outlook
2:46:56 - Using Quick Steps to Process Mail in Outlook
2:55:09 - Working with Conditional Formating and Mail in Outlook
3:00:34 - Auto-Process Mail using Rules in Outlook
3:11:16 - Managing Junk Mail in Outlook
3:18:59 - Practice Exercise 04

This Outlook tutorial is taken from the full Outlook course on Simon Sez IT:

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15 Jul 2021
Getting Started with CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam
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