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How does Microsoft Azure work?
15 Jul 2021
How does Microsoft Azure work?
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MicroNugget: What is MPLS and How Does it Work? | CBT Nuggets


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In this video, CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara covers Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). MPLS brings different advantages to customers and service providers. Learn about how MPLS works and how to configure a MPLS network today.

MPLS is a way of connecting your sites together. Sometimes difficult to explain, MPLS has different meanings if you’re talking from a service provider perspective or a customer perspective.

For customers who need to bridge sites that are 1,000 miles apart, with MPLS, they're treated like they're on the same network. The service provider’s cloud bridges the geographically separate sites through a private connection tunnelling through the cloud.

MPLS provides a 1-to-many relationship with ease, it ensures quality of service, and its labeling means traffic moves from site to site efficiently.

MPLS provides many different benefits to customers and service providers alike, follow along as Jeremy explains how it does its magic.

0:20: MPLS from a customer perspective
1:00: The customer benefits of interface independence
1:55: MPLS' 1-to-many relationship
2:40: Quality of Service
3:50: MPLS labeling for the customer and the provider

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How does Microsoft Azure work?
15 Jul 2021
How does Microsoft Azure work?
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