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How to prepare for CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) ?
15 Jul 2021
How to prepare for CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) ?
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How I Passed The CompTIA Network+| 2021 Study Technique and Tools


This video will be about how to study for the CompTIA Network+ exam, and also the study tools that you will need to pass the exam.

This video is based on how to study for Exams- An evidence-Based Masterclass which based on Skillshare. Ali Abdaal

Artificial Deadlines
Parkinson's Law. T
21 Days- Book the Certificate Now!!!
Motivation is a myth..

Support the Channel! Below is a list of hand-selected cybersecurity courses

**Security and Risk Management Courses:**

Intro to Cybersecurity & Risk Management Course -

Intro To Cybersecurity Compliance Framework -

**Asset Security Courses:**

IT Asset Management Course -

**Security Architecture and Engineering**

Architecting with Google Compute Engine Specialization -

Cloud Engineering With Google Cloud -

**Identity and Access Management**

AWS Intro to Identity and Access Management -

Intro to Identity and Access Management (IAM)

**Communications and Network Security:**

Network Security -

Google Cloud Security Certificate -

Web Application Firewall -

**Security Assessment and Testing:**

Practical Ethical Hacking by the Cyber Mentor -

Web Application Security Testing Project -

**Security Operations:**

IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Certificate -

Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst -

**Software Development Security**

Python for Everybody Specialization -

Expert Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering-
Reading a book front front to end is highly ineffective, and you will not gain true
mastery of the [material.](http://material.It) Many people thing that by reading a book, you will gain mastery over a subject. This is completely false!

Your goal is to study as efficiently as possible in the shortest amount of time!

It comes into two processes for effective studying.

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This is the active Recall Framework

1. **Understanding**
1. Create Mental Models.
2. Rely on understanding, and then use remote memorization on recall.
3. When you can teach something, you know exactly what it is.
4. You must understand the broad principles that underlying them. Do not just memorize
2. **Remembering**
1. The actual way to remember is to try to retrieve information, not shove it down your throat. This is why boot camps are highly ineffective at teaching. They shove a ton of information down your throat.

## **3. Value (aiming for 50% retention by the end)**

3 Week Process:

Step 1. Day 0

Reading technical books is highly inefficient, and will at best give you a base knowledge.

1. Scope the subject. A book comes in handy here. A great book to scope the studying is Darril Gibson. This gives you a birds eye view of the subject. You can also refer to it while studying.
2. Spend 4-5 Hours Days figuring out the scope of Security+. Read Briefly through the book.

**Step 2.**

2. Watch video - Professor Messer for CompTia Network+

- When taking notes, take notes in question form. Don't take notes, you can download Anki Cards for that.
- Don't Waste Your Time taking detailed notes !!
- For Instance, if you are going over different types of attacks
- What is a buffer overflow? If you don't know the answer the second time around, then you can look it up in the book, and when you look it up in the book

Show example with various types of attacks

**3. Utilize Active Recall using Anki Cards**

Spaced Repetition

Link Notes Below

This overcomes the forgetting curve

Write questions for yourself!

Anki Card Decks




4. **Feyeman Technique**

Identify the subject. Write down everything you know about the topic. ...

Utilize the Security+ COMPTIA Outline ( Show outline)

**Teach** it to a child. If you can **teach** a concept to a child, you're way
ahead of the game. ...

Identify your **knowledge** gaps. This is the point where the real learning
happens. ...

Organize + simplify + Tell a story.
In-depth conceptual clarity

5. Boson Tests

- Question and Answering by a Third party
- Will Simulate Questions Very Similiar to

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How to prepare for CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) ?
15 Jul 2021
How to prepare for CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) ?
papa · 3 Views